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How to keep an eye on your horses diet

Feeding your horse is a varied diet, adapted to its size, activity and special needs. A horse's diet consists of grass, fodder, concentrated feed and some fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. Feeding a horse may seem restrictive. There is a wide variety of foods available and horses have different organisms. In addition, the amount of food given also depends on the type of horse, age, health, workload, climate and availability of food. Ask the advice of a professional on the site Wisium to be completely sure of the quantity of food to give to your horse to be sure of the good health of your animal.

To better Uunderstand the nutritional needs of the horse

The horse is an herbivore that, in its natural state, spends most of its time grazing. Like all animals, the horse needs a diversified, balanced diet adapted to his activity, age and size. The daily ration must cover the needs for maintenance and work. Moreover, regardless of any nutritional value, the ration must have a sufficient volume for the intestinal transit is done in good conditions. This volume is brought largely by hay, straw or grass. You can ask Wisium for nutritional advice for your pet.

Why it's important

Unlike cattle, the horse does not ruminate. His stomach is relatively small and fragile. The horse can not vomit either, some muscles located at the entrance of his stomach forbidding him. It is therefore necessary to split the daily ration of the domesticated horse into 3, 4 or 5 meals. Your horse feeds on both grass (if he is lucky enough to have a meadow), fodder (hay, straw ...), concentrated feed (grain cereals as is or elaborate foods containing cereals, cakes, co-products, minerals, vitamins ...) and some fruits and vegetables which he is often very fond of (apples, carrots ...)

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