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A whole range of perfectly restored saddles for sale

We are in an equestrian shop with a wide range of horse accessories that good equipment for the rider.

At the right address of the horse's geeks

An online store where you will find: cowboy frameworks, English saddles, Portuguese chairs, chairs raid, Western chairs, dressing chairs, universal saddles, jumping saddles obstacles, a saddle Spanish and all the necessary accessories your mount. The first thing to do after buying the horse is thinking about the discipline practiced with him. Surely, you have already trained for this, but this horse is your faithful partner for more practice, and gain performance and why not participate in the contest?

Tips for choosing the saddle

The saddle is the means of communication between you and the horse. He quickly adapts to your habits, then, do not teach him bad manners and already forget your uncalculated attitudes, because you were never present in equestrian workshops. The mount is important, and not to get lost in the numbers, there is a mount table available online or in specialized websites according to age, morphology and race your horse.

The types of saddles existing on the market

Leather or synthetic: the second factor to consider is the type of material of the saddle riding. Leather and synthetic materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Traditional saddles are leather. The used saddles are more durable as leather is good, cleaned and greased to make it supple, leather armchairs will last a lifetime. Synthetic saddles have improved in recent years and are increasingly popular. The main advantages of synthetic saddles are they weigh less, they are easier to clean, you can find them in many different colors.

Think of this discipline when you buy a saddle for that horse. Again, this is not a bike you are going up, but a horse, so it's not just comfort, but also that of the horse.

Riding equipment

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