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The beauty of a restored saddle by Equitack

When you hear used saddles, you might think of the worn and torn ones but not in equitack. A team of experienced and passionate saddle specialists works on every piece carefully, restoring the saddle to its past quality and beauty.

Equitack prides itself on using nothing but the best and modern tools to restore a piece of the saddle. Their process ensures that the quality of the saddle is top-notch before the sale.

A saddle is a piece of art. It does not only ensure the safety and comfort of the rider, but it also makes the horse and even the rider easy on the eyes and comfortable. Restoring a used saddle takes time and expertise. A mistake can actually render the saddle unusable. The company and its team of saddle specialists carefully analyze what needs to be done to restore a saddle to its original quality. Then implements a step by step process to make sure that the finished product is with high quality.

If you are looking for high quality used saddles for sale, or if you want your old saddle to be restored, you can make sure that equitack can provide you nothing but the best service and equipment. Though new, they are continuously finding new ways of making sure that the quality they produce is top-notch as well as consistently communicates with medium to high brand saddle manufacturers to stay up to date with the current changes or trends in the structure of a saddle. The company continuously accumulates incredible experience and knowledge over the most available high and medium-end brands in the US market.

A restored saddle is a convenient, less expensive way to opt for. Equitack revives an old saddle appearance, without altering its performance. A process with exceptional beauty that needs a set of skills and techniques.

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