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What are the best saddles ?

There is no better saddle, even if we find standard saddles, there is just the saddle that will go to the horse and its rider. It is at the level of the brand that we select the saddles, and for this year, the old brands have taken up space.

The test of a good stool

Forestier! As soon as you have one, you cannot part without it. Very good quality and very good comfort. Thorowgood are the best because they are the references of osteos. They are wide enough not to pinch the line of the horse's back. And they are really comfortable in all its structure. For those who have already tried, the Delagrange are perfect because they are in the top in the position of the rider and very comfortable for the back of the horse. It depends on the discipline, but the Devoucoux age very well for all disciplines. The Butet are formidable to the obstacle, and the Antares are very "aesthetic" in CSO and in addition to that they are good quality accessories.

The new saddles

To make a profitable choice and find the best used saddles, there is no doubt that our page filled by our consumers, will be able to help you. The best saddle horse English chair is the mark Kerbl who served long enough riding, even if only now they are famous. Indeed, they are exposed in several models, and it is a brand that defies the experts. At his side, the saddle of western chairs horse looms on Lowa Noir which is new and imitation leathers. The handle is fiberglass to give it great strength. It is in natural leather greased and embossed on the sides. Then less famous, still in France we can cite Meyer who is inspired by Devoucoux with «younger» and many similarities.

The horse saddle is one of the important equipment when riding a horse. It must be of good quality and comfortable. So, before you buy it, you have to think twice.

Riding equipment

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